Today I Did Something About It

We aren’t being the hands and feet of human kindness that we could be.

I have seen the acts of hate.

I am shocked at the spectacle of it, grieved by the injustice of it, incredulous at the ignorance of it. Mostly, I am heartbroken for the victims of it.

I have tried to live a life that demonstrates respect for all people, a life that says “I value you as a fellow human being.” In my heart, I know that I love all people.

But do they know it?

When people see me on the street, do they know that I have respect and compassion for them? Or are they unsure how this straight, suburban white man sees them?

I believe that the people who are loving and mutually respectful are the vast, vast majority, that the haters are no match for our numbers.

The problem is that we’re failing to show up. Or we’re showing up only after hate provokes us into yet another “march for the cause.”

Yes, we have the right heart and in our own homes we are teaching our children what is good and what is just.

But we aren’t being the hands and feet of human kindness that we could be. Not often enough to enough people.

So, I am going to do something I wish I would have thought of long ago…

I am embarking on a personal All Lives Matter campaign. I am vowing to be more intentional about affirming people.

All people.

This my pledge…and my challenge to all of us.


  • Today, I will affirm someone — not just those who look like me but those whose skin color does not match mine and those whose lifestyle is different from mine.
  • I will address them as “Sir” or “Ma’am.”
  • I will hold the door for them.
  • I will let them take my place in line.
  • I will give them my seat so they don’t have to stand.
  • I will look them in the eye and say, “It’s good to see you today.”
  • I will not remain silent when talking with someone who makes a racist, sexist or other insensitive remark. I will verbally express my objection, diplomatically but with certainty.
  • I will show the world that All Lives Matter.

Guess what? I did this today and it felt good. Really good.

What do you say we demonstrate our love for all people TO all people, in a tangible way? Will you join me?

Let’s change the narrative of the day. Kindness shouldn’t be a random act.


Photo: Mike Baird (CC BY 2.0)

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