CharacterLoveServing Others
July 13, 2016

Today I Did Something About It

We aren’t being the hands and feet of human kindness that we could be. I have seen the acts of hate. I am shocked at the spectacle of it, grieved by the injustice of it,…
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CharacterForgiveness / Redemption
July 2, 2015

Remember This The Next Time You Can’t Forgive

We’re not very good at forgiving, are we? We tend to hang on to our need for justice. When it comes to airing grievances, Lori and I are pretty much opposites. She is a firework:…
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March 7, 2014

Cracks In The Windshield

We cannot ignore the cracks in our character, lest they spread into something that will cost us dearly later. Lori and I were driving in her van when I noticed a chip in the windshield.…
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